November 17, 2014

Celebrity with Animal Name Assignment

Tiger Woods was a great golfer and still active today he sets record.

Scanned Felt Tip Drawing Assignment

With the Giants winning the World Series I thought I could celebrate with in this memorable moment. They won 3 times in 5 years. (Which is awesome)

9 Panel Comic Assignment

With Evil Edgar trying to invade Earth (he fails) he tries to think of a plan (for 28 years) which he does but this was unconcluded. This took a series of events to complete this project which took FOREVER. Next comic coming in 8000 years. ;)

Scene of Cartoon Assignment

With a random monster and Evil Edgar invading Earth (SPOILER ALERT FOR 9 PANEL COMIC) he fights with a earth defense force in this scene. This is hard work and fun at the same time.

Bird Coloring Page Assignment

The famous angry bird with real feathers finally this took quite a while copying, moving, and perfecting. In the end I wasn't really proud of what I did. 

October 8, 2014

Kaleidoscope Assignment

These colors are all basic colors and this is the kaleidoscope assignment

Where's Justin Assignment

 Can you find him he is very sneaky into this big mess of toys, logo's, and more other random things. If you find him you will be one of the greatest finders in the world. Good Luck!!!

Albrecht Dürer Assignment

Is it a monkey, a koala, or a crazy sloth? Well if you said shark you are correct. The Albrecht Dürer assignment is a black and white piece of artwork then the object you chose is scribbled.

Edward Gorey Assignment

When people see a car (or something that moves really fast) their first reaction is run away from the car right? Well This man is super fast he runs away from cars like it was a snail. Yes he runs light speed like the car was nothing.

September 30, 2014

Celebrity Coloring Book Page Assignment

With the best player on the ice no one can stop him. The best hockey player in the world is now on a coloring book. With a total of 894 goals and 1963 assists that a world record. He was born on Jan. 26,1961.

Cartoon Yourself Assignment

Wanna see the worst person in the world? Guess. Of course it is me. As you in the real world is taken into a cartoon world I guess that this face is me in the cartoon world. This is the worst cartoon ever. I REPEAT. This the worst cartoon ever!!!

September 29, 2014

Scream Assignment

This is the scream assignment which tells the FUTURE. Will aliens invade Earth in a friendly way or use force to disintegrate  our spiecies. One thing you might want to do is SCREAM!

September 24, 2014

Justin's Cartoon Masterpiece Assignment

This piece of art was originated from Vincent Van Gogh. It was created in1887 the art was Self-Portrait with Straw-Hat. He is in a Japanese Anime called "One Piece"