October 8, 2014

Kaleidoscope Assignment

These colors are all basic colors and this is the kaleidoscope assignment

Where's Justin Assignment

 Can you find him he is very sneaky into this big mess of toys, logo's, and more other random things. If you find him you will be one of the greatest finders in the world. Good Luck!!!

Albrecht Dürer Assignment

Is it a monkey, a koala, or a crazy sloth? Well if you said shark you are correct. The Albrecht Dürer assignment is a black and white piece of artwork then the object you chose is scribbled.

Edward Gorey Assignment

When people see a car (or something that moves really fast) their first reaction is run away from the car right? Well This man is super fast he runs away from cars like it was a snail. Yes he runs light speed like the car was nothing.