November 17, 2014

Celebrity with Animal Name Assignment

Tiger Woods was a great golfer and still active today he sets record.

Scanned Felt Tip Drawing Assignment

With the Giants winning the World Series I thought I could celebrate with in this memorable moment. They won 3 times in 5 years. (Which is awesome)

9 Panel Comic Assignment

With Evil Edgar trying to invade Earth (he fails) he tries to think of a plan (for 28 years) which he does but this was unconcluded. This took a series of events to complete this project which took FOREVER. Next comic coming in 8000 years. ;)

Scene of Cartoon Assignment

With a random monster and Evil Edgar invading Earth (SPOILER ALERT FOR 9 PANEL COMIC) he fights with a earth defense force in this scene. This is hard work and fun at the same time.

Bird Coloring Page Assignment

The famous angry bird with real feathers finally this took quite a while copying, moving, and perfecting. In the end I wasn't really proud of what I did.